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March 27th, 2014 Posted 4:13 pm

Apps You Can Use So You Will Have The Best Nights Out In London

London is one of the oldest cities in the world, and it has a history that is rich and unique. The city has a population of over 13 million, and many visitors eventually become residents because of the love affair they develop with the city. It is a place of fun and debauchery and good times for all.

If you have traveled to London while on vacation, you may know the best places to go if you want to enjoy a night out on the town. However, if you have never been to London you may not know your way around the city. A smartphone with several different types of apps will help you enjoy your visit.

These apps may not provide you with the little known pubs that are located on the back streets, but they will provide you with more information so that you can manoeuvre through London with ease.

Gems Of London

This app will not cost you more than one dollar, but it will provide you with a wealth of information. This is the perfect app if you want to have a memorable afternoon before you go out for the night. You will receive a history lesson through the app. Instead of suggesting the regular tourist areas such as Buckingham Palace, the app will take you down the rarely traveled path to landmarks and buildings that are rich with history.

The app will even show you how the landmarks looked hundreds of years ago.

London’s Best Coffee

This $3 app will steer you in the right direction so that you can find all of the coffee shops that are located around you. The app is great if you are feeling a little tired or need a quick energy boost. London’s Best Coffee is frequently updated, so you will have the latest information regarding the local coffee shops in the area.


The last 20 years has brought major changes to the cuisine in London. Once known for not having delectable meals, this all changed in 1991 when Quaglino’s was opened. Today, the capital city has an abundance of wonderful restaurants, and you can learn more about all of them by downloading the Toptable app. This app will inform you of the best places to eat and the restaurants that offer deals and discounts.


After you have eaten, you will probably want to find a place where you can dance and/or have a drink. This app works similar to a social network. When one member finds a pub or club, they will inform other members about the location and whether the venue is crowded. You can use the app to find out where the ‘in’ crowds will be so you can feel more at home while visiting London.

London Nightlife And Songkick

This is another app that is essential for those who want to enjoy London’s nightlife. You will be notified of the best pubs and clubs in London. When the app is combined with Songkick, you will be updated as to where the concerts will be. You will even be able to buy tickets to various concerts.

If you do not want to use apps, you can always Google information so you can have a great night out in London. You can also ask the locals for suggestions and recommendations.

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